Correcting Course: Key takeaways from the World Bank Report, Poverty and Shared Prosperity.

In October 2022, the World Bank released its latest report ‘Correcting Course’. The timely report offers the international development community (and beyond) one of the most detailed analyses for understanding the impact on poverty rates around the world since the beginning of COVID-19 thus far.

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AIDN’s Submission on Australia’s International Development Policy

At AIDN we believe that the Australian market for international impact investment is small, fragmented, and inefficient.

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Pathways to Global Giving

AIDN has gathered information on the giving platforms available for Australians wanting to invest internationally.

The eBooklet includes a overview of the international giving structure then takes you through each of the platforms, their geographic or programatic focus, number of portfolio partners and more.

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AIDN’s Manifesto

In 2018, AIDN launched with a manifesto that laid the groundwork for a strong and collective voice for global giving.

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The Millwood Report

In September 2019 Millwood Consulting was commissioned by the AIDN Committee to undertake a research project into the scale and scope of international philanthropy and impact investing by Australians. The aim was to collate into one report the many disparate sources of information in this area, and
make a estimate of international philanthropy and impact investing by Australians.

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