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Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Timor-Leste

Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Timor-Leste

Australia is on track to become the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer, and C4 is now working with countries in our region to do the same.

AIDN is partnering with the team at C4 to host a special event in Sydney on Thursday 12 October at 6pm. Join us to learn about how you can be a part of the elimination of cervical cancer.  Hear from the Minderoo Foundation, whose landmark impact investment in PNG and Vanuatu is well advanced towards their target to test 30,000 women – and treating those women who need it. Hear from the Australians who are doing this work in partnership with Pacific neighbours - the C4 consortium – and learn about the small investments that could save the lives of a large number of girls and women in Timor Leste. Our speakers include:
  • Dr. Merita Monteiro, President of the National Institute of Public Health of Timor-Leste
  • Claire Wakefield, Minderoo Cancer Impact Mission
  • Professor Deb Bateson, Daffodil Centre, Sydney

Previous Sessions

19 June 2023

In Conversation with Dame Graça Machel

In Conversation with Dame Graça Machel was co-hosted by Rotary International, Igniting Change, the Australian International Development Network and The DAK Foundation.

30 March 2023

Inclusive Impact Investing

In this webinar we bring together a range of impact investing experts and advocate for a more inclusive impact investing ecosystem.

8 March 2023

Transformational Tech: innovation for women’s health globally

Featuring Deborah Bateson, Whitney Chinogwenya from MSI Reproductive Choices, Daphne Ngunjiri from Access Afya and Marnie Rickards from The DAK Foundation.

10 February 2023

Emergency Briefing: Türkiye-Syria Earthquake

AIDN and Emergency Action Alliance hosted an emergency briefing on the devastating situation that saw a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Türkiye and neighbouring Syria.

27 September 2022

One Year On: A update on the situation in Afghanistan

Hosted by AIDN Advisory Committee member, Anna Demant (AIDN Advisory Committee), this webinar featured Samantha Mort (UNICEF Afghanistan) and Najeeba Wazefedost (Asia Pacific Network of Refugees).

20 September 2022

Bringing together philanthropy and investment capital to further social good

This webinar provides an opportunity to hear from practitioners breaking down barriers to development investment through vehicles designed to mobilise and aggregate private donor and investment capital.

6 July 2022

Part 3: Addressing Global Issues with Impact Investing

Executive Director and Co-founder of the Good Business Foundation, Stuart Thomson hosts this session and is joined by Shane Nichols, Shuyin Tang and Neeraj Aggarwal.

9 June 2022

Part 2: Addressing Global Issues with Impact Investing

AIDN Advisory Committee member, Clay O’Brien hosts this session and is joined by Kristy Graham, Jeremy Cleaver and Richard Marney.

31 May 2022

Part 1: Addressing Global Issues with Impact Investing

AIDN Advisory Committee member, Claire Hanratty hosts this session as an introduction to impact investing and the evolving role of capital in driving development outcomes. Claire is joined by Allan English (English Family Foundation), Simon Miller (Save The Children Australia) and Ben Jeffreys

27 April 2022

Part 3: The Compelling Case for Global Giving

In the third and final session of this series, hear from international donors on what they look for when funding projects and meet three organisations who showcase how impactful and effective international development is.

25 March 2022

Part 2: The Compelling Case for Global Giving

AIDN hears from world renowned philasopher Peter Singer on the case for giving internationally.

9 March 2022

Part 1: The Compelling Case for Global Giving

Jack Heath, Mark Cubit, John McLeod, Marc Purcell and Evelyn Omala.

7 December 2021

Agents of Change

Simon Lewis, Matt Forti, Duncan Ward, Alexandra Tuinstra and Guntur Sutiyono

11 November 2020

The Double Burden

Anubha Rawat, Leith Greenslade, Julius Mbeya, Marnie Rickards and Roger Rassool

14 October 2021

COVID NOW: An update from the frontline

Mark Cubit, Tim Costello, Dane Moores, Jennifer Tierney and Dr Madeleine Ballard

15 Sept 2021

The Global Tourism Crash and its Impact on Developing Countries

Jennifer Byrne, Darrell Wade, Gemma Sisia, Rob McGeary, Tony Wheeler

1 July 2021

Emergency Briefing: Uganda

Eve Omala,

Friday 18 June

The Business of Social Impact

Ticky Fullerton, Peter Yao, Mark Reading, Simon Griffiths

8 June 2021

The World’s Largest Emerging Market – Women

Ruth Jones, Roshini Prakash, Julie Reilley and Deborah Welch

11 May 2021

India & Nepal Emergency Briefing

Anubha Rawat, Marnie Rickards, Dr Pravin Khobragade, Dr Pankaj Jethwani, Anshu Garg, Surya Bhatta and Emily Gribble

29 April 2021

Myanma Emergency Briefing

Clay O’Brien, Anna Demant, Tony Wheeler, Phil Thornton, Naw Tamla Saw, Manny Maung

7 April 2021

Building Trust

Mark Cubit, Eve Omala, Katie Bunten-Wamaru, Peter Yao

9 March 2021

International Women’s Day

Kristina Stefanova, Sam Mostyn, Tara Winkler, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Belinda Morrissey

15 December 2020

Are partnerships at the heart of tackling poverty?

Anna Demant, Eve Omala, Julie Long, Shane Nichols, Rob Setterlund, Belinda Morrissey

10 November 2020

Global Problems, Local Solutions

Sophie McNeill, Anna Crowley, John Jal Dak, Najeeba Wazefedost, Mozhgan, Moarifesadeh, Jessica Nhkum, Anna Demant

4 November 2020

Catalytic Impact-First Investing

Lilian Kline, Stephanie Kimber, Gemma Salteri and Shane Nichols,

23 September 2020

Why Scale Matters

Mark Cubit and Kevin Starr

19 August 2020

End Covid for All

Rev. Tim Costello, Eve Omala, Dave Rickards, Mark Ingram and Simon Lewis