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Simon Lewis on AIDN’s purpose and declaration.


A peak in global inequality greatly increases the opportunity for Australians to help support communities abroad

Twenty years ago, nearly 30% of the global population struggled to survive on US$1.90 per day, today the number is more like 10%. But 10% still amounts to 700 million people. Nearly all these people live in developing countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia.

AIDN views the current international giving landscape as an opportunity to bring together those operating in the sector and remove some of the barriers that have previously existed, or currently exist so that more money can be channelled to developing countries, in a more strategic way.


Creating an ecosystem that facilitates more effective outcomes for our global community. 

AIDN is a neutral platform that acts as a megaphone to shine a light on the best work being done in the international development sector.

Australians have strong connections around the globe and we want to leverage our generous spirit with an outward focus.

With a mission to increase the quality and quantity of international giving, impact investing and resources, AIDN hopes that some of the traditional barriers associated with international giving and investing can be overcome. 

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Pathways to Global Giving

AIDN has gathered information on the giving platforms available for Australians wanting to invest internationally.

The eBooklet includes a overview of the international giving structure then takes you through each of the platforms, their geographic or programatic focus, number of portfolio partners and more.

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AIDN’s Manifesto

In 2018, AIDN launched with a manifesto that laid the groundwork for a strong and collective voice for global giving.

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The Millwood Report

In September 2019 Millwood Consulting was commissioned by the AIDN Committee to undertake a research project into the scale and scope of international philanthropy and impact investing by Australians. The aim was to collate into one report the many disparate sources of information in this area, and
make a estimate of international philanthropy and impact investing by Australians.

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