How you can support Afghanistan

The Australian International Development Network has compiled a nonexclusive list of ways that the Australian community can support people in Afghanistan.

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Support financially

  • Najeeba Wazefedost featured on AIDN’s recent Afghanistan webinar. She is raising funds to support food and shelter for vulnerable women and families displaced by the fighting. She has trusted local partners on the ground who are able to provide direct support to people who have often fled with just the clothes on their backs.
    Click here to support the appeal.
  • Afghan Australia Development Organisation literacy and life skills training is running as usual for groups of 25 village women hosted in a larger home in their village. They also learn how to use sewing machines bought from India, which they receive at the end of their course as a way out of poverty. AADO is currently running programs in 5 villages in Kabul Province assessed as safe.
    Click here for more information about their Literacy and Livelihoods programs for village women.
  • Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan has a long history of providing support to women in Afghanistan including during the previous Taliban regime.
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres is committed to stay in Afghanistan to support their patients. They are working with all parties to get the assurance they need to continue to be there for people in need. For example in Kunduz they recently transformed the MSF office space into a 25-bed trauma unit; they are also in Herat, Kandahar, Khost, and Lashkar Gah.
    You can support their emergency work here.
  • UNHCR is committed to stay and deliver amidst the deteriorating situation and increasing displacement. They’ve activated their emergency preparedness and response and they’re assisting newly displaced Afghans. They are also supplying emergency shelter, food, health, water, sanitation and cash assistance. You can support their appeal by clicking here.
  • ActionAid has worked in Afghanistan since 2002 and they are present in 7 provinces. They are responding to the humanitarian crisis by launching an appeal. You can support it by clicking here.
  • Give2Asia has partnered with Afghanaid, a leading organisation with 40 years’ experience, working in Afghanistan to deliver emergency assistance to families who have fled their homes or lost their livelihoods in the conflict. Click here to support.Australian donors can support their efforts through our global relief fund
  • The Emergency Action Alliance have a joint landing page for a range of appeals including Act For Peace, ActionAid, CARE, Australia for UNHCR, Caritas, ALWS, Tear Fund and World Vision. You can view those appeals and donate via the Emergency Action Alliance page.
  • Afghan women and girls played a pivotal role throughout the history of their country. It is essential they continue to play this role and their hard-won rights are protected. UN Women has been present in Afghanistan for over 10 years and will remain operational and engaged with our partners to provide life-saving services to Afghan women and girls especially at this critical juncture for the country. You can support their appeal via this link.
  • Save The Children have launched a public appeal and have reiterated their commitment to Afghanistan. They will be there for the children, and remain on the ground to provide them with the essentials they need to survive and the support they need to recover.



  • The Afghan Australian community have initiated this open letter to the Australian Government and are calling on sector organisations to co-sign. Click here to add your name and organisation to the letter.
  • Call or email your local MP Tell them you are contacting them to request Australia take action to protect vulnerable people from Afghanistan affected by this situation. Below is a letter you can use.
  • CPD (Centre for Policy Development) has released a statement calling on the Australian Government to accept 20,000 Afghan refugees additional to our existing humanitarian program. They have circulated this statement to key ministers and officials.


Hello/Dear [insert MP name]

I am writing to you as a concerned member of your constituency because I believe Australia must take action to alleviate the suffering of people from Afghanistan, given the escalating crisis the country now faces.

Australia can and must take the following actions.

1. Offer a one-off humanitarian intake of the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan, in addition to the current intake.

2. Grant all refugees from Afghanistan on temporary protection visas permanent protection, without the prospect of being returned to Afghanistan.

3. Enable refugees from Afghanistan to apply to reunite with their families.

4. Lift the ban on resettlement of refugees in Indonesia – The Australian government continues to block resettlement of refugees to Australia through the UNHCR if they registered in Indonesia after June 2014.

5. Work with our international partners to pressure the Taliban to take genuine steps toward peace and reconciliation.

This situation demands your urgent attention. Please consider the 5 actions and do everything you can to protect the people from Afghanistan at this time.

[Insert your name]

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